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 Resolved:   The United States federal government should substantially reform its agricultural and/or food policy in the United States.


For our 2022-23 season LFA students will be cultivating their understanding of agricultural and food policy in the United States.  With the “Farm Bill” set to expire in 2023, congressional debates alone will furnish plenty of subject matter for research.  This piece of legislation, first implemented under Roosevelt in the 1930’s to ensure “fair” prices for farmers during the Great Depression, covers topics such as commodities, conservation, credit, energy, forestry and crop insurance (among others).  Are there items in this bill that are not agricultural or food policy?  It’s debatable.


Opportunities exist to examine the intersection of policy and economic principles.  With $428 billion earmarked for the current bill, do we find examples of crony capitalism?  Do subsidies harmfully distort the market or are they net beneficial?  Are there other unintended consequences that warrant substantial reform?  Should our federal government even be involved in these areas?  Thankfully for LFA participants, it’s all debatable. 


However, there are more areas of debate than just the “Farm Bill.”  Could California’s looming mega-drought bring up questions about water resource allocation for agriculture in the West?  Are there pesticides or herbicides that should be banned?  Are there banned chemicals useful for farming that should be made legal?  Does the federal government need to change the way it deals with forest management?  Does the FDA need reforming in its administration of food safety?


This is just a fraction of the fertile ground that can be plowed under this year’s resolution.  No doubt we will find it fruitful as our election season ends and our students begin stumping for some new reforms.


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The LFA is excited to announce that it will be running a hybrid platform of  tournaments for the 2022/2023 season!

The LFA will host 6 tournaments that will be in addition to the regular league hosted tournaments.  The LFA will provide an in-person tournament opener, 4 virtual tournaments and the Championship tournament.

The LFA will be posting the tournament schedule at the beginning of the school year and will post additional tournaments as they are announced. Schools wishing to host should submit their preferred dates as soon as possible as dates will fill up fast.

Please check the calendar or any updates.

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LFA Statement of Faith:

          We believe in one one God,

               the Father almighty,

               maker of heaven and earth,

               of all things visible and invisible.

         And in one Lord Jesus Christ,

               the only Son of God,

               begotten from the Father before all ages,

                     God from God,

                     Light from Light,

                     true God from true God,

               begotten, not made;

               of the same essence as the Father.

               Through him all things were made.

               For us and for our salvation

                     he came down from heaven;

                     he became incarnate by the Holy Spirit and the virgin Mary,

                     and was made human.

                     He was crucified for us under Pontius Pilate;

                     he suffered and was buried.

                     The third day he rose again, according to the Scriptures.

                     He ascended to heaven

                     and is seated and the right hand of the Father.

                     He will come again with glory

                     to judge the living and the dead.

                     His kingdom will never end

          And we believe in the Holy Spirit,

                the Lord, the giver of life.

                He proceeds from the Father and the Son,

                and with the Father and the Son is worshiped and glorified.

                He spoke through the prophets.

                We believe in one holy catholic and apostolic church.

                We affirm one baptism for the forgiveness of sins.

                We look forward to the resurrection of the dead,

                and to the world to come. Amen.