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2019 Logos Forensic Association


      Bradshaw Christian School                Tournament Winners! 

                                November 16, 2019       


           Team Policy Debate Awards:                                                                                                Top Speaker Awards:

1st Place Team-    Ella Campbell/ William Misinale- California Crosspoint Academy                      1st Place Speaker-  Jeffery Barretto- Bradshaw Christian School

2nd Place Team-  Daesha Arnold/ Jacob Rodriguez- Bradshaw Christian School                             2nd Place Speaker- Ella Campbell- California Crosspoint Academy

3rd Place Team-   Gabriel Batista/ Kelson Hillier- Cornerstone Christian School                             3rd Place Speaker-  Raegan Moret- Ripon Christian School

4th Place Team-   Amber Ju/ Julie Wang- California Crosspoint Academy                                        4th Place Speaker-  Desiree Arnold- Bradshaw Christian School

5th Place Team-   Kalvin Gerdes/ Emma Dolieslager- Ripon Christian                                               5th Place Speaker-  Annalise Welsh- Ripon Christian School

          Impromptu Speech Award Winners:                                                                            Persuasive Speech Award Winners:

1st Place-    Annalise Welsh- Ripon Christian School                                                                             1st Place-     Vicky Zhang

2nd Place-  Jefferey Barretto- Bradshaw Christian School                                                                    2nd Place-   Emma Dolieslager

3rd Place-   Daesha Arnold- Bradshaw Christian School                               

News & Updates

Welcome to the Logos Forensic Association (LFA) website!


The LFA is a competitive speech and debate league for designed exclusively for private Christian schools.


Our goal is to help private schools establish speech and debate teams and bring the benefits of forensics to students across the country. We firmly believe that every student should have access to a speech and debate program at their school.


It's not just an activity. It's a

life-changing experience!

Speech Change

Beginning with the 2019-2020 season, apologetics will be replacing interpretive speaking as the third speech event option. 


New Debate Resolution

After a season of debating labor policy, forensic competitors will now be debating whether the United States federal government should substantially alter one or more of its policies regarding intellectual property.

Championship Winners

Congratulations to all our Championship winners! You can see who won this year, and in previous years, by visiting our Hall of Fame.

The LFA website provides a number of helpful resources for students and coaches alike. Check them all out!







2019-2020 LFA Resolution!

About the Resolution

Intellectual Property is a fascinating area of debate because of the intersection between high tech industries, court adjudication, history, the Constitution, health care, and more.  In addition, this topic provides educational value and preparation for students throughout life.

According to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), "intellectual property refers to creations of the mind, such as inventions; literary and artistic works; designs; and symbols, names and images used in commerce."  Intellectual property encompasses industrial property rights as well as copyright, and is typically classified under Trade Secrets, Trademarks, Copyrights, and Patents.

In debating intellectual property, a number of important questions arise, including:

  • Should intellectual property be acknowledged or protected by government?

  • If so, what should be protected and for how long?

  • Should intellectual property be treated the same as one’s physical property?


It can be argued that protections for new inventions give individuals and businesses the incentive they need to invest into research and development. On the other hand, it is possible that legal protections for developers and inventors may hinder the improvement of new products.

This topic will challenge debaters as well as arouse a fun sense of curiosity.  Forensic competitors will need to contemplate the current extent of intellectual property protections and debate whether they are appropriate, given the nature of intellectual property and its value to society.

Technology, medicine, rights, philosophy, government, economics, and history all come into play, so gear up for a stimulating resolution and begin researching!