Founded in 2005, the Institute for Principle Studies (IPS) is a Christian non-profit research and educational organization located in Modesto, California, dedicated to making the biblical case for the proper role of government.  IPS created the Logos Forensic Association in 2008 to help create in-depth educational opportunities for Christian high school students while also preparing them to be future leaders.


IPS believes speech and debate is an important activity for young Christian students to be involved in and learn about, which is why IPS is proud to manage, direct, and fund this competitive league.

About IPS

Connection to Speech & Debate

How does the LFA program fit into the IPS mission?


The next generation of Christians will play a vital role in shaping economic and government policies. Students who participate in the LFA are our future political leaders, teachers, and pastors. Speech and debate trains them to become powerful advocates, defending their beliefs with eloquence, and actively seeking truth rather than blindly following the majority.


In addition, speech and debate gets high school students excited and passionate about civics and economics – whereas most students graduate with little understanding about the political system they live in. If the next generation is to make a difference in our nation, they will need the tools that speech and debate can bring.

Help Support this Program

As a non-profit program, the Logos Forensics Association is only able to grow, expand, and benefit students because of the generous donations of our supporters.


If you support speech and debate and want to see more private schools and students participate in this valuable activity, would you consider contributing any amount toward this program?


You can make a donation online or mail checks to:


Institute for Principle Studies

P.O. Box 278

Modesto, CA 95353


The Institute for Principle Studies is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All donations are tax deductible. 

The Logos Forensics Association is a ministry created and managed by the Institute for Principle Studies. Learn more.