Mission & Purpose

The importance of rhetoric to a proper education has been recognized as far back as Socrates. Since then, many educational institutions have provided training in logic, speech, and debate. Competitive debate between schools first emerged in the United States in 1815 on the college circuit. Over the years debate has spread to colleges and high schools all over the world.


Today, numerous debate leagues exist that allow students at almost any college or high school to participate in speech and debate (also known as forensics). Leagues have even been created exclusively for home schooling families. Within private Christian schools, however, this activity is almost nonexistent.

The Logos Forensic Association was created specifically to fill this void in private schools. We believe that every student should have the opportunity to learn logic and rhetoric, to learn to defend their beliefs, and to develop the ability to communicate clearly and persuasively. We believe that this activity is the most important in developing these vital skills as well as training our students to be the leaders and representatives of Christ in future generations.

What You Do

The Logos Forensic Association is first and primarily a debate league. This means we connect schools to each other for competitions.

Each school:

  • Finds a teacher who will teach the club/class

  • Builds their own competitive team by promoting speech and debate to their students

  • Trains students in the art and technique of debate

  • Handles any tournaments that are hosted at home facilities


The LFA staff is more than happy and ready to help guide you in each of these endeavors.

What We Do

As a league, the LFA provides the framework and networking capabilities for competing schools and students. This includes, but is not limited to:


- Rules and guidelines to be followed at tournaments


- The resolution (topic) for each debate season 


- Official tournament documents, such as ballots


- A website that tracks tournament results and school rankings


- One complimentary debate manual for your coach / teacher


- Access to coaching materials, including tests, coaching tips, and        helpful exercises to do with students


- Ready phone and email support from our staff

Our Staff

Diana Head Shot.jpg


Mike Winther - Program Director


Mike has participated in speech and debate activities as both coach and competitor.      

As a student, Mike has 6 years of competitive speech and debate experience.  He competed for three years in high school and for three years in college for North Idaho College and for the University of Kansas.  He has competed in team policy debate, Lincoln Douglass debate, extemporaneous speaking, impromptu, and radio broadcasting.

As a coach, Mike and his wife Mary have coached a homeschool club for 14 years, competing in the HSLDA, NCFCA and Stoa leagues.  Mike and Mary are the authors of the textbook titled, “Rhetoric Through Policy Debate”. 


Mike is a frequent speaker at debate camps and workshops and regularly presents at conferences for NFL and Stoa debaters. 







Diana Higginson - Program Coordinator

Diana is the newest member to be added to the LFA program. She brings with her over 21 years of service to the

church. Diana has taught a multitude of classes and has worked in various administrative roles with in the church. 


She comes to us with a background in Marketing/ Public Relations/ HR, as well as 14 years as a Bank Officer.

Diana is excited to see the LFA prepare a path for today's youth, as they become future leaders in Christ!

Steven Butner - Marketing Coordinator


Steven is part of the Marketing and Development team at the Institute for Principles Studies.  He joined the IPS staff in May of 2015 after graduating from California State University Stanislaus in December of 2014 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration.

Steven is a former member of the Association of Fundraising Professionals Yosemite Chapter and is an alumni of the Grant Writing USA workshop.  He regularly attends “Catalyst,” a monthly meeting hosted by a fellow Modesto nonprofit aimed at creating space and time to collaborate and affect beneficial community change.

The Logos Forensic Association (LFA) is a debate league created for private Christian schools. As a league, the LFA gives students opportunities to compete in forensics by:

- Helping to establish debate teams in schools
- Creating training opportunities for teachers and students
- Producing debate textbooks and teaching materials for participating schools
- Providing a convenient network of schools for competition opportunities 
- Helping to organize tournaments, and running the LFA Championship tournament

About LFA