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Tournaments are a vital component of forensics.  These competitive environments are where students put into practice all of the information they have acquired in class, and competition is the primary way that students improve in speech and debate.  In fact, students who compete regularly throughout the season will often know significantly more on the topic (resolution) than students who only participate in class or club meetings.


Every year member schools host a number of tournaments for students to compete. To ensure that all competitors receive an opportunity to compete and to better keep track of all competitors records throughout the season, all LFA member schools should adhere to two requirements regarding tournaments:

1. It is strongly suggested that each member school host at least one tournament during the regular forensics season (October – April).

2. In order to qualify students for the State Championship Tournament, each regular season tournament must submit a full copy of the results and a backup of the tournament data that was used to tabulate the tournament.


These policies are designed to give every student the opportunity to compete and qualify for the State Championship Tournament.  Additionally, these policies help the LFA Coordinator accurately track each competitor’s record throughout the season.

On the following pages you'll find information about when and where tournaments are being held, rules for the tournaments, and information on how to host your own tournament.

“Freshman year I never would have thought that I would be where I am today... Debate has truly impacted my life in multiple ways.”


- Alina, 12th grade

Welcome to the LFA Tournament
Host Kit!

Below you will find everything you need to
know to host a tournament at your school.

Do you need to know what functions are in a tournament, what supplies are needed or how to set up a room for competition? Click on the links below to find out how many volunteers you will need and where to station them.


How do you register for a tournament?  First submit your selected date(s) to the League office for approval.  Once you receive your approval you can get your tournament link established through Flowpad.  The league utilizes a homeschool debate software system.  Please note the "parent" referenced during the registration process should be the coach's information.  

Next you will need to determine the size of your tournament and what best option works for your school.  You will also have the opportunity                           to name your tournament.  Have a little fun with the title.

When setting up your tournament you will need to select which format you would like to host.  This could be "Debate Only", "Speech Only" or "Speech & Debate".  You can build your tournament based on the suggested tournament schedules provided below.  Host's are welcome to make time changes as long as the tournament meets the league standards to be considered "sanctioned".


Do you need to know how to get your judges trained?  Great news!  We have a judge orientation video to help acquaint your judges with debate.  Judges need not have any prior experience to judge.  This is a communication activity and anyone 18yrs of age or older is welcome to participate.

Note taking in debate is known as flowing.  The following 

video can also be found under the "Resources & Materials" tab. 



Do you need to print flow templates for your judges?  You may access a printable PDF. flow sheet on the tab below.


Every debate room will need a timer sheet so that the round can be conducted correctly. You may access a printable PDF. of a timer sheet on the tab below.


Tournament Ballots/Rules can be printed from the tabs below.




*The LFA will be introducing a new speech event- Monologue.

Details coming soon!

*To print and view event rules click on the link below

Please feel free to contact the LFA office for any questions regarding hosting a tournament.

Thank you!