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Tournaments are a vital component of forensics.  These competitive environments are where students put into practice all of the information they have acquired in class, and competition is the primary way that students improve in speech and debate.  In fact, students who compete regularly throughout the season will often know significantly more on the topic (resolution) than students who only participate in class or club meetings.


Every year member schools host a number of tournaments for students to compete. To ensure that all competitors receive an opportunity to compete and to better keep track of all competitors records throughout the season, all LFA member schools should adhere to two requirements regarding tournaments:

1. It is strongly suggested that each member school host at least one tournament during the regular forensics season (October – April).

2. In order to qualify students for the State Championship Tournament, each regular season tournament must submit a full copy of the results and a backup of the tournament data that was used to tabulate the tournament.


These policies are designed to give every student the opportunity to compete and qualify for the State Championship Tournament.  Additionally, these policies help the LFA Coordinator accurately track each competitor’s record throughout the season.

On the following pages you'll find information about when and where tournaments are being held, rules for the tournaments, and information on how to host your own tournament.

“Freshman year I never would have thought that I would be where I am today... Debate has truly impacted my life in multiple ways.”


- Alina, 12th grade

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