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What is the LFA?

The Logos Forensics Association is a competitive forensics league. As a league, we help to connect schools in order to provide quality competitive opportunities in speech and debate.  Our mission also includes helping schools develop and build their own speech & debate teams.

Should debate be offered as an academic course, or an extra-curricular activity?

Speech and debate can be offered as either an academic course or an extra-curricular activity.  Some  of our schools offer speech and debate as an elective class in the regular school schedule, and some offer speech and debate as a noncredit, after-school activity.


Debate is very similar to a sport in which students will have the desire compete year after year.  Therefore, treating speech and debate like a sport and providing it as an after school activity will make sense for many schools.

Debate is also a tremendous tool for teaching both academic and critical thinking skills.  Debate requires a student to efficiently take notes, complete in-depth research, and objectively evaluate opposing thoughts and ideas.  When possible, adding speech and debate as an elective course is a great tool for increasing a student's academic skills and deepening their understanding of their Christian faith. 

When is my school ready to start this program?

You can start this program anytime.  Because of the flexible nature of speech and debate, the program can be incorporated into your school's activities at any time.  We suggest developing interest in the spring through the summer months, and starting the program in the fall semester.  But, you could begin your program during the spring semester too.  League tournaments generally begin early in the fall semester and finish near the end of the spring semester.  

Do I need to hire a new teacher to coach debate?

Anyone at your school can run this program.  Especially if your school is new to speech and debate, you may not have anyone at your school with speech and debate experience.  This is typical and should not hinder you from starting a speech and debate program.

We will help provide your speech and debate coach with training and the materials necessary to get started and build a successful program.  In addition to providing your speech and debate coach with initial materials and training , we offer annual conferences and newsletters that will help your speech and debate coach continue to grow and excel in their coaching skills and knowledge.

The speech and debate coach can be a teacher, a parent, or any other school staff member.  Government, history, economics, speech, and English teachers are typical candidates for the debate coaches, but any responsible adult can coach your team.

How many students are needed to start a debate program?

You will only need two students to start a debate program since team policy debate only requires two students per team.  Debate, however, tends to become a popular activity and you may find that you will need to put a limit on how many students can participate.

What if the cost is a problem for my school?

We have been able to reduce membership dues from our first year because of generous donations from individuals to our LFA program.  The current school membership dues are $500 per year during regular membership / $650 for late membership.  We do realize, however, that the cost may still be an obstacle for some schools. A typical option for a school is to charge a participation fee for students that want to participate in speech and debate.  A small class or club fee of $50 per student will easily cover your school's annual membership dues for speech and debate teams consisting of ten or more students.

What events does the LFA offer?

Currently, the LFA offers the following events:


1.  Team policy debate,

2.  Impromptu speech,

3.  Persuasive speech, and

4.  Apologetic speech.

What is Team Policy debate?

Although there are many types of competitive debate, the Logos Forensics Association focuses specifically on team policy debate. This type of debate has two competing teams; each consisting of two students. These two teams are called the affirmative and negative teams.

Current public policy issues serve as topics for the debate. Each year features a different public policy issue which the students will research and use to form both affirmative and negative arguments (e.g., environmental laws, energy policy, health care, foreign affairs).

Do my students have to compete in every event?

Your students do not have to compete in every event.  Member students of the LFA may choose to compete in one or all events offered at tournaments.  Some of your students may only participate in team policy debate, some may only choose an individual speech event, and some may choose to participate in multiple events types.  All LFA events require skills that cross over into each other, and students that participate in multiple events will excel faster than when they only participate in just one event type.

When do tournaments happen?

Tournaments are typically all-day Saturday events. These Saturday events take place during both the fall and spring semesters of a school year.  Occasional larger tournaments, such as our league championship tournament, may occur over two days.

Because member schools are the tournament hosts, the dates of the tournaments will vary depending on the hosting school's choice of date and campus availability.

How many tournaments are there each year?

A typical average estimate is one tournament per month during the school year. But this number varies depending on the following:


1.  How many member schools choose to host tournaments,

2.  The region your school is located, and

3.  The time of the school year.

Tournaments typically are less likely to occur at the beginning or end of a semester, and will typically occur with more frequency during the months in between.

Are we required to attend every tournament?

Member schools and students are not required to participate in all tournaments. Member schools and students can choose to attend the tournaments that are most convenient and for which they are available. Your entire speech and debate team is not required to attend a speech and debate tournament either. Each LFA member student can choose which tournaments to attend, whether or not the rest of a school's speech and debate team can attend the tournament.

Who will our students compete against?

Your school will be competing against other Christian schools who are members of LFA. Tournaments are typically attended by several schools, but only require attendance from two.  The number of participating schools will vary depending on who is available to participate.  All schools that are members of the LFA are eligible to participate in any LFA tournament.  

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