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Resolved:   The United States federal government should substantially reform its agriculture and/or food policy in the United States.

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Every month the LFA will be adding resources to help members gain a better understanding on the current year's resolution.  Resources may include articles, books, website links and seminars.

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Greetings LFA Members,

Below is a list of possible cases that can be researched and used during the upcoming debate season.


This is just a preliminary list.  There are several other possibilities.   The LFA will be adding additional resources every month. 


Don't forget to check back to see what's new!  

Reforming Federal Crop Insurance

Removing or Reforming Federal  Farms Subsidies

Reform Water Use/Rights in the Western United States

Reform National Forest Management (falls under the USDA)

Pesticide Regulation

Idle Land Payments (tied in with farm subsidies)

Agriculture trade policies in regards to imports and exports 

Opening ag export barriers

Slaughterhouse regulation (gag-laws & safety standards

Genetically Modified Crops


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