Tournament Hosting

We encourage all of our member schools to host speech and/or debate tournaments! Even if you've never hosted a tournament before, you can put together a great event. We're here to help you as you prepare, and will be there to guide you as you get closer to the event date. We've also created some helpful documents for your use. You'll find documents with administrative guidance, as well as the ballots you'll need on the tournament day.


A helpful guide to walk you through what you need to do. 

  Learn how to use the Tab               Room software or if needed for trouble shooting. 

Learn how to keep track of wins and points for awards.

A quick visual for setting up classrooms for events.


Print these out for your team policy debate events.

Print these out for your impromptu events.

Print these out for your persuasive events.

Print these out for your Apologetic events.

A quick outline for your opening and closing ceremonies.

Suggested Tournament schedules based on events.


Print the following checklist to ensure you have all the necessary items to run your tournament effectively.

          Please print and use the following Team Policy Debate timer                          sheets.

“The addition of debate has definitely added to the school’s goal of pursuing academic excellence. Debate has challenged my students to think more critically and to explore issues more thoroughly.”


- Sherwin H., debate coach at RCHS