Impromptu is one of the individual events offered in the LFA.

About Impromptu

Impromptu speaking is designed to test the quick thinking of students in a 5 minute speech. Students will have a preparation time where they will draw three topic choices from the judge, choose one, and then prepare their speech. Students are given a maximum of 2 minutes of preparation time and a maximum of 5 minutes of speaking time.  Students should talk about the topic they are given, but may interpret their topic in a creative or persuasive manner. Students will want to draw from their knowledge to provide examples, or application, to their topic.  Subject areas that a student might draw from for examples are historical events, famous people, current events, books, philosophy, science, etc.


Topic Examples

The most common topics consist of single words or quotations. These include, but are not limited to:


- Abstract words. Caution, Love, Dedication.

- Bible Verses. Proverbs.

- Famous Quotations. George Washington, Aristotle, Mark Twain.

- Song Lyrics. Hymns, Pop, Country.

- Movie or Literary Quotations. Lord of the Rings, Sherlock Holmes, War and Peace.


Objects or pictures are also allowed as topics, but are not as common.

Structure Example

The most traditional impromptu structure is the three-point speech. This structure, however, is not a rule, and students may structure their speech using any strategy they see fit.


Three-point Speech


I. Introduction (including topic and thesis)

II. Point 1

III. Point 2

IV. Point 3

V. Conclusion