Monologue speaking is an individual event offered by the LFA.

New this season Monologue!


A Monologue is a speech from a single character. The competitor interprets a monologue from a single published source. Nor original material for the monologue selection is allowed. A portion of the presentation may include a brief analysis, background, and/or context  of the monologue. Entire presentation has a maximum time of five minutes.

About Monologue

The monologue may be a poem, as long as it is the thoughts or voice are from a single character. Interpretive literature may come from a variety of genres including plays, prose or poetry, from a single published work and may not be authored by the competitor. Single person speeches may be used so long as they have been published and available in the public domain.

Please feel reach out to the LFA office for any questions regarding this new event.

Thank you!



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