The Logos Forensic Association is a competitive private Christian high school speech and debate league committed to building character and a biblical worldview in high school students.

The Logos Forensic Association speech and debate league is tailored exclusively for private Christian high schools. Therefore, only private Christian high schools or private Christian schools with a high school are eligible to become members of the LFA. Students who are freshmen through seniors (grades 9-12) are eligible to compete.

School and Student Membership

Both school and student LFA memberships are required for participation in the LFA or any LFA sanctioned event.  School and student memberships are valid for the entire speech and debate league year which begins in September and ends in May.  Speech and debate tournaments normally occur from October through April of every year. 

Registration for membership in the LFA requires that each school and participating student submit a complete membership application and appropriate membership dues.  Once a school and their students' membership registrations are complete, the school's staff and students will be eligible to participate in LFA learning opportunities, tournaments, and other LFA offered events and programs.  

Students are ineligible to compete until both their school's and their student membership registrations have been completed.

School Membership Application 

Please click on the membership application below to sign up for the current school year.  Completed applications can be turned in via mail, email or fax, which are all listed on the membership application. Membership dues can be paid by check or by contacting the LFA Office to pay by card.   Please make checks payable to the Institute for Principle Studies.

Student Membership Registration
* Will Open August 01, 2022

Only students of LFA member schools are eligible to participate in league tournaments and events. Open student registration begins August 1st.  Each student competing in the LFA must complete a student application and survey.  All student registrations must be completed online using the online student registration link below.  Student Membership fee is $30 for the year . The member school will receive an invoice when the team roster is complete.  Payment must be received before the Season Opener 10/28/22.


Call us to ask if our program is available in your area. Any comments or questions you may have can be answered by our contacting (209) 575-2005 or LFA@PrincipleStudies.org.


Please mail all correspondence to:

Institute for Principle Studies

P.O. Box 278

Modesto, CA 95353


The LFA currently operates in the state of California, but our goal is to bring the benefits of speech and debate to private Christian schools throughout the country.  The LFA is excited to announce that it is looking to expand into the nearby states of Arizona, Colorado and Nevada for the 2021/2022 season and beyond. 


If your school is not located in California but you would like to see a speech and debate program at your school, we can help bring the activity to your area.  Simply contact us by phone or email.

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