LFA State Championship
Temecula, Ca.

Congratulations to all of our awards winners!

Please click on the link below to access the final tournament results and end of season awards.


Pictured Above:

LFA State Championship Team

From left to right: RCS- Jake Bowen/ Charlie Giulian

Pictured Above:

LFA State Championship- 2nd Place Team

From left to right: RCS- Jacob Camper/ Maclaira Camper

Pictured Above:

LFA State Championship- 3rd -8th Place Teams

From right to left: WCS- 3rd place Daniel Jackson/Nathan Stephens, 4th CLS-Kyra Donovan/Austin Griffin, 5th-BCS-Benjamin Laflen/Christian Munoz, 6th BCS-Jacob Rodriguez/Adrian Dumaguin, 7th RCS-Kacy Thurman/Dayna Koolhaas, 8th Elisabeth Sim/ Haylie Runner

LFA State Championship- Top Speakers

From right to left: 1st place WCS-Nathan Stephens, 2nd RCS-Maclaira Camper, 3rd-RCS-Kacy Thurman, 4th- LCS-Shenae Johnson, 5th-RCS-Jacob Camper, 6th-RCS- Charlie Giulian, 7th-WCS-Daniel Jackson, 8th-BCS-Haylie Runner

LFA State Championship -Apologetics

From right to left: 1st place Jacob Rodriguez, 2nd Hope Gunn, 3rd Jacob Camper, 4th Haylie Runner, 5th Kacy Thurman, 6th Aryanna Sinclair.

LFA State Championship- Persuasive

From right to left: 1st place BCS-Adrian Dumaguin, 2nd RCS-Kacy Thurman, 3rd RCS-Maclaira Camper, 4th BCS-Benjamin Laflen, 5th RCS-Dayna Koolhaas, 6th RCS-Caroline Kroon, 7th RCS-Jake Bowen. 8th RCS-Jacob Camper.

LFA State Championship- Impromptu

From right to left: 1st place RCS-Maclaira Camper, 2nd BCS- Christian Munoz, 3rd BCS-Jacob Rodriguez, 4th RCS-Jacob Camper, 5th BCS- Zachary Sim, 6th- RCS- Caroline Kroon, 7th WCS-Nathan Stephens, 8th RCS- Charlie Giulian 

LFA State Championship-

Overall Tournament Champion

RCS- Maclaira Camper


Recipients of the 2022 Mike Winther Christian Character Award

From left to right- LCS- Team Captain Sherry Chen,

WCS-Student Coach- Brandon Lee 

LFA End of Season Awards

End of Season Team Policy 

From left to right: 1st place WCS- Daniel Jackson/Nathan Stephens, 2nd RCS- Maclaira Camper/Jacob Camper, 3rd LCS- Sofia Loushin-Obegron/Anna Frias

End of Season Apologetics Speakers

From to left to right: 1st place RCS-Kacy Thurman, 2nd RCS-Jacob Camper, 3rd BCS-Jacob Rodriguez

End of Season Team Policy Speakers 

From left to right: 1st place BCS-Adrian Dumaguin, 2nd BCS-Benjamin Laflen, 3rd WCS-Nathan Stephens

End of Season Impromptu Speakers

From to left to right: 1st place RCS-Jacob Camper, 2nd BCS-Jacob Rodriguez, 3rd RCS-Dayna Koolhaas

End of Season Persuasive Speakers

From to left to right: 1st place BCS-Adrian Dumaguin, 2nd RCS- Kacy Thurman, 3rd RCS-Caroline Kroon

End of Season Power Ranked School

Bradshaw Christian School- Coach Christine Wheat

End of Season Impact Ranked School & Sweepstakes Ranked School

Ripon Christian School- Coach Sherwin Heyboer

The Logos Forensic Association would like to give a special thanks to the following for helping with the LFA State Championship 2022

Reliance Church of Temecula Ca.

Linfield Christian High School

Coach- Michelle Ueno (Linfield Christian School)
Coach- Sherwin Heyboer (Ripon Christian School)
Coach- Karl Blanke (Crean Lutheran)
Coach- Christine Wheat ( Bradshaw Christian School)
Asst. Coach- Laura Munoz (Bradshaw Christian School)
Coach-Jessica Black (Pusch Ridge Academy)
Student Coach- Brandon Lee (Woodcrest Christian School)
The Crowell Family
Daniel & Cassie Cavillo
Felicidad Obregon-Blasco
Melinda Anderson
Miss Sherry Chen
Miss Khanya Vezile
Shoh Ueno 
Carrie Robinson
Delaney Collins
Jamie Hartley

Teresa Eschen
Rita Lopez
Sharla Osborn
Institute For Principle Studies Donors