*Effective 2022-2023 season.  All persuasive speeches must be new for the current season.  A competitor may not use any previous year's given speeches.

Please contact the LFA office for any questions at 209-575-2005 or email

Persuasive speaking is one of the individual events offered in the LFA.

About Persuasive

The Persuasive speech is a ten minute original work by the student, designed to persuade the audience on a topic of the student's choosing. The speech usually identifies a current problem, includes multiple outside sources, and has a call-to-action/solution at the end. Relevancy of topic is important, as is respect for opposing beliefs and opinions.


Topic Examples

Students may choose topics that their audience may or may not already agree with. They can be topics that apply to personal lives (why you should vote, avoiding vaccines), the community (giving charity, supporting local organizations), or the law (a specific program should be repealed, a specific law that should be implemented). Students typically pick topics they are personally passionate about, and that are also applicable/relevant to the audience.

Structure Examples

A three point structure is most often used (but not required). The three point speech starts with an introduction, has three main points to persuade the audience, followed by a conclusion. The structure could look like, but is not limited to, these following examples:


Example One


I. Introduction

II. Stating and Showing the Problem

III. Identifying the Cause(s) of the Problem

IV. Calling the Audience to Action, and Finding the Solution

V. Conclusion

Example Two


I. Introduction

II. History/Background of the Topic, to Provide Understanding

III. Stating and Showing the Problem

IV. Calling the Audience to Action, and Finding the Solution

V. Conclusion