Although there are many types of competitive debate, the Logos Forensics Association focuses specifically on team policy debate. This type of debate has two competing teams; each consisting of two students. These two teams are called the affirmative and negative teams.

Current public policy issues serve as topics for the debate. Each year features a different public policy issue which the students will research and use to form both affirmative and negative arguments (e.g., environmental laws, energy policy, health care, foreign affairs).


Team policy debate helps students learn more about

civics, economics, and public policy through real world

application. Students must research each topic, prepare

a policy proposal, and debate the merits of that bill.


Students also learn proper logic and rhetoric, public

speaking, listening skills, and respect for opposing



One debate typically lasts about 70 minutes.

“I have learned more from debate than all of my other classes combined.”

– Tanner, 9th grade


Team Policy Debate

Team policy debate is one of the most popular forms of competitive debate. The LFA offers team policy debate as one of four different events for students to compete in. Learn more about team policy debate on the pages below!